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Happy Weekend!

I hope this finds you enjoying a sunrise and a hot cup of coffee. Or, maybe you’re catching this after sleeping in. Either way I pray it’s a happy day.

Spring has sprung, and summer is not far behind. I’m loving the gorgeous sunny weather we have been having. Perfect for all those graduation open houses and backyard barbecues. And speaking of that, I’ve got you covered with what to bring!

New Recipes

This week I have two brand new recipes for you and they are just thing you need to bring to your next gathering. And I’m telling you, if you’ve got nothing to go to… don’t let that stop you from making these! Because these dishes go with ANYTHING!

Serving of Chicken Salad Chick Broccoli Salad in a gray bowl, sitting on top of a small plate with forks in the background.

Broccoli Salad

This Broccoli salad is a little lighter than your typical with less mayo, but GREAT flavor! I like it because it has sweetness, but not overly sweet. Best part- it’s super easy to make!

Grape Salad

Can we call this healthy because it has grapes and ‘salad’ in the title? 🤣 It should be called Crack because it’s addicting! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Feeds a crowd and is soooo good! Refreshing snappy grapes wrapped in a cream cheese dressing… I’m hungry!

Close up picture of grape salad in a small serving bowl, garnished with brown sugar and chopped pecans. A couple of whole pecans in the corner of the bowl. There are more bowls of grape salad in the background and some gold forks.

In Real Life

Well, it happened to me. I have become a pickle ball addict. I started taking lessons and playing at the end of March. I used to play once a week, and this week– I played 4 times! I’m not great, I have a lot more learning and practicing that needs to be done, but I’m having a ball (see what I did there 😂)! Turns out it’s a fabulous stress reliever and excellent form of exercise.

Have you jumped on this bandwagon? My son played with me last weekend and has now rounded up 3 other people to play. He also bought me a new paddle for Mother’s day. I’m liking it and if you want to try it out, use the code: JOSHUA27364 ( my son will get a little gas money if you do, no pressure though).

Last weekend was my oldest daughters first prom, a local 25k race that my husband and son participated in, and of course Mother’s day. My family appeased me with several pictures at the photo booth at church. Here’s one of my favorites.

Favorite things

These extra large storage containers are great for keeping fruit and veggies in the fridge at the ready, or, grab and go for the Track team or a picnic.

Cut down on your prep time with this Veggie Chopper. It actually does so much more than that. I especially like mine when I want something evenly diced. There is a regular dice and a fine dice. It cleans up pretty easily, sometimes I just toss it in the dishwasher.

I love Boxzie. They have these fun gift boxes for different occasions and all you have to do is order and send. They are super fun and have nice quality gifts. This one is a different brand, but I think this is a great grad gift idea.

Book Club

We had another book club gathering to talk about “The Wonderful World of James Herriot” If you are familiar with his books, he is a vet and wrote stories about being a vet in the 1930’s and 1940’s. This one is kind of like excerpts of his many different books with back stories. I actually did not read his books as a kid, but I have seen a a couple seasons of “All Creatures Great and Small” on PBS. It’s quite relaxing and enjoyable.

This was a unique book and not your typical book club read. But as usual, we have a blast when we get together. Our hostess served us bread pudding and tea (so English). We couldn’t help ourselves and had to have seconds. It was absolutely dreamy. She also sent us home with these adorable mugs.

A plate of mostly eaten bread pudding with an All Creatures Great and Small coffee mug and the book "The Wonderful World of James Herriot"

Our June pick is The Women by Kristin Hannah. If you follow books at all, you know this one is super popular right now.

I also love to listen to books and podcasts while I’m doing dishes or driving. Last year I was hooked on “Scamanda”. I’m not really a true crime genre kind of gal, but– let me tell you! I found it FASCINATING. Check it out where ever you listen to your podcasts.

I love book and podcast recommendations, so leave a comment with your suggestions!

Thanks again for stopping by, I’m honored that you spent some time having a conversation at my table.
Have a blessed weekend!


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